Baha Tacos
Baha Tacos

The Baha Taqueria

The Taqueria kicked off for another bumper summer in early November, with an all-new menu inspired by new Chef Nicky McLaren, deliveries from Rosebud - Sorrento and mad new vibes.  Beautiful fresh Tacos, Burritos to bust a nut for and home-made Agua Frescas plus other delicious Mexican street food will be available from 5pm till late.  Come get amongst it this summer at Baha’s street kitchen “The Taqueria” and enjoy some of the finest street food around.

The taqueria will be open on special band nights but, generally speaking, it's closed for the cooler months.

Taqueria menu

Sample menu only (actual menu may vary with seasons, produce availability or phases of the moon).


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